Travel WiFi Woocommerce Project

Travel WiFi, a WiFi dongle rental Service based in Dublin, required some extensive development to their WordPress based E-Commerce site.

I extended the functionality of the Woocommerce module using PHP and Javascript.

As the rented devices were often requested to be returned from a different address rather than the one they were shipped to, I added a new address form field which allowed this, as well as options to pick up and return the devices from the company’s offices. An option to add insurance to the devices for an extra price was added to the final checkout page.

The new UI was designed to be as intuitive and clear as possible, ensuring a confident experience for customers.

The functionality was programmed to dynamically update the shipping prices should different shipping/return addresses wish to be used, as well as combinations of shipping and pick-up/drop-off options. Similarly, a deposit was overridden if the insurance option was checked.

Custom Fields were added to the backend linked to each new part of the form to allow the sales team to keep track of customers specific orders. These fields were programmed to automatically be added to the order confirmation page, the administrator emails, and the customer emails.

The project was extensively tested to assure a fantastic experience for customers.

Visit the site here