Steve Shortt Website

Steve Shortt is an up and coming Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, who wished to launch a new brand. The site is based on WordPress and includes a number of custom plugins and modules, and a large amount of custom CSS and HTML used to expand the original template used for a unique and bespoke look. The site was designed to be easy to use with a fresh modern look reflecting the Steve Shortt brand. Some raw copy was provided by the client and edited/re-worked, while other parts of the site required entirely new copy to be written. A French version of the site was also needed, which exists alongside the English version – both versions dynamically hidden from the other depending on the current selection by the user. Visit the site here
Read More › Website Website My Prostate is an independent website set up by a GP looking to promote prostate health in older generations of men in Ireland. The subject can be quite an awkward one for many men, so the site was created to make a wealth of information available and easily accessible by anyone. The site is built on the WordPress CMS so the owner can update content as like anything in the medical world it can change quite rapidly. The site has been designed to be as friendly and approachable as possible to ensure its users are at ease, while still being very informative about the subject. The site includes information about everything to do with prostate health, from natural changes due to age, to more serious issues like advanced prostate cancer, so it is extremely comprehensive. The client provided a huge amount of information that was needed on the site, so it was important to divide this up into easy-to-use sections for users without them becoming disinterested in the subject matter. This was important from the actual experience using the site, and the content of the copy. Copy was produced from text documents originally received from the client, which […]
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