DIT Metal Society Logo

A logo designed for DIT Metal Society, one of the most popular societies in DIT. The logo included a classic block font, similar to that used by Iron Maiden. A vector image of a skull was drawn in Illustrator and combined with wings also created in Illustrator. The resulting logo was extremely well received by the society.
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Irish Craft Beer Festival 2015 Redesign

A great project which involved a full re-brand of the Irish Craft Beer Festival. We took an established brand and look and created something more modern, interesting and, most importantly, Irish and craft beer related. Two versions of the logo were created (upright bottle and horizontal bottle) to be used depending on requirements. Along wit the logo we created a new digital and print campaign which was based purely around the new brand and nothing else, to highlight how much the event has grown. The digital ads were put up on the websites like Journal, Sky, Boards, Hot Press, etc. while the printed ads were used everywhere from Hot Press magazines to billboards around Dublin and Luas We also re-worked their new website. It was being developed by a bad quality foreign developer so we took it over last second and brought it to the next level in a very short period of time that was left before the launch. The event turned out to be a great success with an unexpectedly high attendance.
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